Sunday, July 3, 2016

The first half of this week was relatively uneventful because we were busy working on our final projects. My group had The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and our task was to create an ad campaign that would be successful in viewing the shows currently dismal ratings. My group (along with several of the others) decided to take the current events route and fabricate a presidential campaign for Noah against Trump and Clinton. We invented stupid platforms for him to endorse to draw attention to the comical nature of the current presidential race as well as draw a new millennial crowd into viewership to replace the aging, Jon Stewart worshiping fan base who no longer watch the show. Our group made a video, powerpoint, "merch", and fake social media accounts to promote the "candidacy". My role was making a political poster, propaganda pin, and fake Twitter account. Our efforts earned our group the prestigious "Canned Lion" award at the final dinner.  

Monday night a group of us got pizza at the world's most uncomfortable take out restaurant where you'll fit right in if you love creepy guys pointing and laughing and making fun of you to your face. But we sat on the beautiful JLP pier and watched the sun set which always makes a night better. Tuesday night we when back to Monaco and ate at the same expensive restaurant with the million dollar view. My food was average but seeing the amazing cars in the parking lot below was almost worth the trip. Th luxury in this city is absolutely ridiculous.

Thursday night Leila and I ventured to Marsielle to see Portugal (aka Cristiano Ronaldo) take on Poland in the the Euro Cup quarterfinals in the Stade Velodrome. The journey there went basically without a hitch and the atmosphere of the game was amazing. Everyone was chanting and so excited to be there. It was one of the coolest things I've ever done, and to top it off, Portugal won in PKs after Poland missed their fourth shot. Afterwards, we were so excited that we wanted to buy everything at the overpriced fan shop, only I couldn't because all of my cards suddenly had travel hold placed on them. Thankfully Leila had date and I was able to contact my dad and have that issue righted. We thought we had really lucked out when the train we needed to take was 30 mins late and we were able to coerce our way aboard without round trip tickets. We were wrong. The train sat in the St. Charles Station for an hour before heading back towards Cannes, and what was a two hour trip on the way to Marsielle, became a four hour trip on the way home. The train was literally inching along. Luckily, I met a friend, Loic, who was very kind and gave us gum and orange Fanta and a pillow and taught me how to say "j'en ai marre" and told me about his girlfriend and his dreams to move to Canada and start a family with her one day. Although this made the trip more enjoyable, we were still miserable exhausted and cranky when we finally reached the all too familiar Cannes train station curb to attempt to call an Uber. Our app wasn't loading so out of sheer exhaustion and desperation, we shared an uber to Juan-les-Pins with a couple of French boys at the station. I know, I know, that literally sounds like the beginning of the movie Taken but it was 5 am and we needed to get the hell home.

On Friday, we celebrated our final day in Juan-les-Pins by renting chairs at Plage Juanita. The beach and water hear was much clearer and nicer than it is at the public beach and we all kicked ourselves fro not coming here sooner. The only downside to that day was that I accidentally left my book on my chair, and one of the cabana boys took it and I was unable to get it back. After the beach, we went up and showered and got ready for the farewell dinner back in the pretty little park. My group won a "Canned Lion" and I got the superlative "Most likely to find a French husband and to win a Cannes Lion" so all in all a very successful night for me! Afterwards, Vasser and I went to an adorable shop with one of the coolest necklaces (and shop owners) I've ever encountered. Then we got some Nutella and Amerena gelato one last time from Stefano and walked about the boardwalk market where I found a cool choker. No one ended up going out on the last night because everyone had to be up early which was kind of disappointing but probably for the best. Everyone is so exhausted after this amazing trip.

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