Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cannes this place get any more beautiful?

Today we got a chance to see where the magic happens. Cannes was incredible. The beauty, the luxury, and my oh my the views. I'm even more excited than I was yesterday for what's to come. Today in class, a man in a promotional video said the festival would "leave you hungry; eager to get to work." The festival hasn't even started yet, but the city of Cannes alone inspired me to come home and get busy. My goal by Saturday is to have my website as polished as possible so that if I get the chance to hand out any business cards next week, I'll be proud of what I've got to show. My website wasn't the only thing I was eager to come home and invest some time thinking about, however. Walking around the city and talking to my classmates about their passions and ambitions motivated me to come home and do some research on my own. I have a lot of varied interests, and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what direction I'd like to try when I graduate next May. I'm thankful this festival offers a look at the vast array of directions one could go in this industry alone. It is my hope that I will not only meet some incredible and influential people this week, but that I'll also gain some valuable insight that might help me to steer towards a more directed path.

Side note: I went into an English bookstore and stumbled across some amazing posters from the film festival from years past. We asked the shopkeeper if he had any from the Creativity Festival and he said no. Might have to whip up a few of my own designs for fun this week...

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