Saturday, June 25, 2016

Festival Day 5

The next morning, TimeWarner put on a talk between Anderson Cooper and Anthony Bourdain. They opened with a cool montage which, once again, drew my attention to my sentimental feelings about working in film. This whole week has been a constant quest for me to figure out what I like to do and what moves me and inspires me. Bourdain said that when he's filming a place, he's giving us a subjective impression of it through his eyes. He says this makes it an impressionistic, honest portrayal. Anderson Cooper (who was delightful live) inspired me to maybe start making my own little video journals just for fun. That could be something I could start doing next year that could help me learn and understand videography and editing better and might be a cool way to show work. This was one of my favorite talks so far.

Followed by my least favorite talk so far: Gwyneth Paltrow. She was shallow and uninteresting. She had no real advice to offer and I would not call her a creative innovator. She's a borderline entrepreneur if anything but her brand lacks authenticity or personality and targets a bizarre audience. She made it clear she cares little about giving back or changing the industry for the better. 

After those, Lacey and I got lunch and headed put o The Girl's Lounge to see Channing Tatum. W were literally 3 feet from him. Although the topics of conversation were super raunchy it was very cool to see someone you're such a big fan of talking about such personal topics in such small, intimate, casual setting. He was funny and friendly and very much like he is in his films. And just as good looking in person as everyone would hope haha. After his interview ended, I bolted past the crowd to get my free manicure before they closed. Not 5 minutes after I sat down, Channing walks in with Joanna flanked closely by Shelley. The closed the door and drew the curtains and I was definitely not supposed to be in there. They asked him sore more questions, took some pictures, and exchanged business propositions. I couldn't believe how close I was to him. It was a very fun afternoon. 

Afterwards, we walked over to the Yvonne Yacht for a party with some people from Sito Mobile. It was very fun and I ended up making a new friend, Daniel, the Australian from LA, who gave me lots of advice and insight about working. He told me to do something I love and that if you're passionate about what you do you'll work harder and success will follow. Everyone we met was very funny and nice and had lots of casual advice to give. I met a guy who worked for Twitter and told him I would redesign his business card and tweet it at him haha. Although we couldn't get a cab back and ended up stranded in Cannes until 6 am, the night was super fun and beneficial. It made me feel better knowing I didn't have to have it all figured out yet and that being personable and enthusiastic can get you a long way when starting out in the working world.

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