Saturday, June 18, 2016

Monte Carlo

Yesterday was incredible. Lacey, Sam, Riley, Leila, and I spent our last day before the festival in Monaco, now taking a spot in my top five favorite places in the world. The scenery was breathtaking. I have never seen views like these before. There is nothing more picturesque than the turquoise water lapping against the cliffs draped in palm trees and Mediterranean architecture. We wandered around the city mapless for about an hour before catching a bus to the Price's Palace. From the hike on top of the hill by a cathedral we saw one of the most breathtaking views I've ever seen of a harbor below. It was definitely a good day to bring my Canon because there was literally nothing that wasn't photo worthy. We got gelato in the palace square (I had white chocolate and raspberry) where we took food in the air pictures in front of an even more impressive view. I don't know if there is a more beautiful place in the whole world. The palace tour was short, but very cool. Every room was decorated with different styles from different years and everything was so ornate and ostentatious. The silk covered walls in the blue room were my favorite. Afterwards, we found our way back to the casino area and searched for the restaurant where Lacey had made reservations. She couldn't have found a better spot. The restaurant was on the top of the Horizon Hotel surrounded on all sides by water. The view was worth the price of the champagne and seafood and we ate an amazing dinner feeling like celebrities looking out over the most amazing coastline I've ever seen. While we were sitting up there, I kept thinking that this night would probably go down as one of the best of the trip and I tried to soak up the experience as best I could knowing that all too soon I'll be back home and away from this amazing paradise wishing I could go back. After dinner, we ventured to Monte Carlo which was not exactly as I expected. The main room was beautiful but relatively uncrowded and spacious (maybe partially because it was early by European standards) but nevertheless we vowed to return in a week, dressed more appropriately for the level of luxury that surrounded us, and try our hand (no pun intended) at a couple of the games. This place makes you want to dress your best and forget all about your real life and live in a fantasy world for the night. We caught an expensive taxi back to JLP, and I was very sad to leave. Monaco, I will most definitely be back.

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