Saturday, June 25, 2016

Commercial Analysis 1: "Close to Home" AT&T

I had seen this ad before. But sitting there in the huge Lumiere theater, even though I knew what was coming, I was still shocked, horrified, and moved to tears when the cars collided. This commercial is not only amazing in terms of cinematography and special effects, its story line and strategy are absolutely perfect for conveying the message. It impresses me till no end how in just a fee minutes, the characters are clearly establish so much so that the viewer has actual attachment to them and it mortified at the scene that unfolds. This is due to carefully written lines that situates teacher character firmly in their role as an everyday person with a family and a future. The conversation that probably gets to me the most is the husband in the truck on the phone with his wife. The conversation about the lottery and the dinner choice is so quintessentially human and it seems so relatable you feel like this could be you or someone you know, which is obviously the point. The key to tying an audiences emotions into an ad is making them feel a connection or empathy for the characters or situation. Viewers today also demand authenticity. And the first part of the commercial is so very realistic. Right down to the crash itself, which happens so fast and without warning, just like it does in real life. Unlike in movies, theres no slo mo realization that you're about to be in a wreck. It just happens and its over just like that. Instead its the aftermath thats in slow motion, because that's the part that isn't real. That is the part of the story that cannot happen. You cannot undo the damage of texting and driving and hitting another car. There are no second chances, only first which is the massage the commercial is trying to convey. You just can't do it in the first place. This is a very admirable and effective style of advertising where the brand does not even mention their product or attempt to promote it, and instead only focuses on the harm their product can cause if used irresponsibly. We see this same trend in don't drink and drive commercials put on by alcoholic beverage commercials. It not only teaches a powerful lesson, but it subconsciously establishes in the consumer's mind that this brand cares more about their customers life and well being than selling their product. This sentimentality builds brand loyalty. Instead of shoving a product and all its cool features into an ad, this simple strategy actually seems far more effective in creating an emotional connection between the viewer and the brand. In today's society this type of ad is almost expected and necessary to run a successful campaign. Consumer's expect a lot out of the companies they buy from and so they feel better about buying a brand they feel really cares about them and is trying to promote an important message as opposed to a product. I think this ad is one of the all around best executed ones I've seen in a long time. Every single frame is iconic and it gives you chills no matter how may times you see it. I believe it will be studied and analyzed for years to come as one of the greatest ads of all time.

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